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Excellence in Service with 30+ years of combined
experience in recruitment

PERSONNEL STRATEGIES understands leadership, people who lead and the impact these individuals have on society. We leverage our experience and insight in strategic partnerships with clients to deliver leadership solutions that transform their organizations, their communities and the world. Throughout our history, we have made a difference.

To Partners

PERSONNEL STRATEGIES ensures your search moves forward with the highest levels of integrity and minimal disruption. No matter the role, we work hard to ensure our service is aligned with the strategic vision for our clients. Leadership is part of a system, and that’s why we believe a deep, holistic understanding of our clients and their organizations is an essential part of our service.

We seek out a diversity of candidates and get to know them well. Based on our past performance, clients frequently return to us to find additional leaders who will have a lasting impact on their organizations and the communities they serve.

Technology plays an important role in our distinctive client and candidate experience. We leverage secure, proven technologies that support our team members’ abilities to focus on the relational aspects of executive search.

Promoting Diversity And

PERSONNEL STRATEGIES believes a culture of diversity and inclusion, where the entire range of human experience is welcomed and celebrated, can strengthen and transform organizations. We strive to model this belief in our work and service to our clients.

PERSONNEL STRATEGIES believes that a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion is critical to the success of both our firm and our client partners. We support a broad view of diversity and take pride in developing people from diverse backgrounds in our own leadership and employee ranks. Our goal is to model excellence in diversity and inclusion for our client partner organizations.

Dedication To

PERSONNEL STRATEGIES is a diverse, national firm that works together as one. Our team members share their knowledge and support one another as they strive to meet client needs while upholding our collective standards of excellence and our values of honesty, integrity and transparency.

We have deep knowledge and insight into markets around the country. Our national reach grants us access to a vast talent pool, enabling us to recruit candidates with the skills, experience, vision and character to fulfill our clients’ missions. We balance our national scope by working closely with each client, leveraging both personal service and market intelligence.

To better serve our clients, we embrace meaningful innovation, utilize new technologies and continue to expand and refine our proprietary database of candidates. In addition, we employ one of the most professional and experienced research and administrative staffs in the search industry.