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Interview Questions

Interview Questions

The following are questions you may hear in the interview, and some possible suggested responses:

"Tell me about yourself."

They're looking for a concise, descriptive, and informative summary of more current and relevant career information, not long past, personal information.

"Why do you want to work at (Their Company Name)? "

This is where your website and company history homework pays off. Give examples of specifics that you have found on their site, OR past projects that you enjoyed that apply.

"What is your proudest accomplishment and/or What are your greatest strengths?"

This is your turn to brag a bit, but not to the point of being arrogant. At least 2 examples, offer references that can attest to your work, etc. The more specifics you can offer, the better you look. Bring up sales numbers, deadlines, instances where your work resulted in cost savings, whatever is measurable and speaks well of your efforts.

"What would you classify as an area where you have room for improvement, and how would you go about achieving those improvements?"

Try to pick something that isn't a "DEAL KILLER" meaning something that IS NOT a requirement of the position you are interviewing for, and that is not easily improved upon. Lots of folks choose something that is indirectly related to the role so that it doesn't affect your interview success. For example: "I realize this position requires a great deal of systems reporting experience and you work with system "x". I do have considerable experience with reporting, but up to now, there has not been a requirement for me to learn "system x". I can pick it up very quick as I do with all systems. At this time, I would have to say an area of improvement would be the learning curve on your particular software system."

"What is the Salary you are looking for?"

It is always best to leave the door open and answer with something such as, "I would be happy to see your best offer. I am fairly flexible when it comes to the compensation since I am looking at everything including the company, the position, the growth potential, the benefit package, etc. Salary is just one piece of the pie and if you think I would be a good fit for the position, I am SURE we can come up with a figure that works for both of us!"

"Why you are leaving your current job?"

Be honest, very concise and direct, but don't slam your employer or boss. They want to hear that you are leaving on good terms (for everyone, not just you!) since it can easily be them on the other end of the equation if they hire you.

"Why should we hire you for this position?"

Summarize, detail, sell yourself, and ask for an offer! Give technical reasons why you are the best suited candidate over personality reasons.

Sales positions

When interviewing for certain sales positions, you may be asked to perform a sample sales pitch for the product, and once again, this is where your preparation and website/company/product research will shine.