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Face To Face Interview Tips

The Face To Face Interview
Be Prepared

Prior to your visit, educate yourself about the company - go through their website and write down several questions that come to mind. Look them up on Google. Know the reason why you'd like to work at the company. People take notice when you show interest in or have knowledge of their company and/or products.

Know Your Directions

Make sure the directions you received are accurate. Nothing says, "I'm not prepared" like getting lost on the way to an interview. Arriving 20 minutes early is a way to ensure you will not be late. Just wait outside the office until 3 minutes before the interview, then make your grand entrance...exactly on time.


Practice your interview skills - that means answering the interview questions out loud to yourself as if you were in the interview. Running through your answers a few times builds confidence and assures yourself you will come across as articulate, efficient and prepared.

5 Resume Copies

Take at least 5 copies of your resume - you'll be prepared if they do not have copies.

Take Notes

You may want to bring a 'notepad or PDA' to take notes and write down your top 3 questions.

Dress Code

Know the office dress code - look sharp and professional. Being overdressed is always better than being underdressed. Unless they state that you should come in wearing business casual, both men and women should always opt for the traditional business suit as their interview attire.


Firm handshake upon arrival and positive attitude throughout.

Be Enthusiastic And Friendly

Listen more than you talk (no single factor is more important in determining success in an interview).

Eye Contact

Look people in the eye when talking or listening to them.

Just Listen

No single thing you can do will affect the interview more than just being a good listener. Listen to questions asked of you. Answer them fully and directly. Do not talk too much. Never over sell your skill set.


If present salary is asked, furnish accurate information - including bonuses and commissions. They may ask for a W2 later, so you don't want to "enhance" any numbers! If they ask you what salary you want, the only acceptable answer at this point is "I am open to any fair and reasonable offer".

Nothing Negative

Do not criticize or come across as negative about your present or past employers or co-workers. Stay professional and avoid personal information unless it's "polite" conversation.

Ask For The Job!

Let the interviewer know that you are interested and excited at the prospect of working for them and ask what the next step will be.

Send A Thank You Letter

Ask for their card so you can follow up with a thank you letter via email. The thank you email can often be the deal maker or breaker on getting the position.